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Painted Wolves
A Wild Dog's Life

by Nicholas Dyer and Peter Blinston

A fascinating journey into the lives of the painted wolves and what is being done to save them.

A special book to cherish for life:

  • Experience the lives of the painted wolves through over 220 stunning images.
  • Understand the intimate characters of these fascinating animals as if you were there yourself.
  • Read gripping tales from those who walk alongside the painted wolves every day.
  • Meet the heroes who are saving the painted wolf from extinction.
  • Learn more about the same three packs of painted wolves featured in David Attenborough's Dynasty: Painted Wolves.

Foreword by writer, broadcaster and conservationist Mark Carwardine, who describes the book as
“highly informative, inspirational, beautifully illustrated, and critically important.”

Five years in the making

Award-winning photographer Nick Dyer and renowned conservationist, Peter Blinston, both PWF Trustees, have written an extraordinary book on the painted wolf.

Painted Wolves: A Wild Dog’s Life brings together stunning photography with amazing stories and experiences, and is a remarkable first-of-its-kind coffee table book on a single species.

Nick’s experiences and photographs from living for six years alongside three packs in the Zambezi Valley are combined with Peter’s conservation knowledge gained from 20 years of working to conserve this magnificent species.

All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to the Painted Wolf Foundation.

Due to be distributed at the end of October 2018, when it will be available through the Painted Wolf Foundation and through other online platforms.

Foreword by writer, broadcaster and conservationist Mark Carwardine, who describes the book as "highly informative, inspirational, beautifully illustrated, and critically important".

Sir Richard Branson.

"Wildlife photographer Nick Dyer and conservationist Peter Blinston have crowdfunded a new book, Painted Wolves: A Wild Dog's Life, which takes the reader on a fascinating journey into the lives of the painted wolves and what is being done to save them. It's a beautiful book full of interesting facts and stunning photos, which I hope will raise the profile of the animals."


"I have just turned the last past page of this superb book and I am overwhelmed with all the emotions that the photography and words have created. It is brilliant! The first part of the book educates us with all the facts. Their true name, their frightening reduction in numbers and their uncertain future. In the second part, the behaviour of the wolves, as individuals and as a pack are brought to life with a stunning selection of photos and text, with Mana as the most truly beautiful backdrop of smoky blues, purples and greens continuing to the vast ,sun drenched expanse of Hwange in part three. Nick Dyer and Peter Blinston take us on a journey with their own lives, their passion for Africa and ultimately, their love for an incredibly endangered species, the Painted Wolves. We are treated to scenery shots of the packs through to the most incredibly sharp, close up images of the dogs. Every photo reminding us why Nick Dyer has just been selected as a finalist in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

I had the privilege of meeting Nick in Zambia in 2013 in Kafue and then South Luangwa. His passion and determination to take the very best shots of the African wildlife was evident back then when discussing his work. I have followed his blogs and photography since, and am continually astounded by his ability to capture that perfect moment and wonderful light.His description of his day and his encounters take us right back to the magic that is Mana. Nick's descriptions are vivid and honest and read like an exciting biography, transporting us from our homes to life with the pack.

We have been incredibly fortunate to have had Peter visit Perth twice to speak at the Painted Dog Conservation fundraising events. In the book, Peter immerses us in his daily life with the wolves, in fact, he and Jealous Mpofu have dedicated over twenty years of their lives to their monitoring and survival of the wolves in Zimbabwe. In the third, and last, section of the book, Peter takes us through all the facets of his work. From long days and kilometers of monitoring, education of the local children and bush camps ( the photos of these children are priceless!) meetings with the local chief and the work with John Lemon to run the unique rehabilitation centre for Painted Dog Conservation in Hwange. Together Peter and Nick bring us a book, a true masterpiece, a huge book, that takes us on a journey into the lives of this somewhat unknown but fascinating animal that every Friend of Mana Pools should add to their collection. All profits go to the Painted Wolf Foundation."


"Just received my book in Canada. Thanks a fantastic book. Mine is signed and would love to keep it in mint condition but I won't. I intend to share it with everyone...the more that see this book the better chance we have of saving these fantastic painted wolves!” ."


"I received my signed copy Saturday & it is brilliant. I love & adore it."


"I just finished reading my book not even 5 minutes ago,all in one sitting, this book made me laugh,cry & gasp at the beauty of this incredible species thanks to your dedication we may see them gain more emotional attachment & support which will in turn see an increase in numbers and a decrease of losses caused by human intervention. I will continue to share my love of these big eared majestic animals."


"I received my beautiful book this morning - absolutely thrilled with it. Have spend an hour or so flicking through it - already "welled up" a few times. So, my October reading is sorted! Thank you so much to everyone involved, particularly the dogs. Very proud to be "Part of the Pack."


"The book is just so beautiful - it really is a joy to turn the pages."

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